What to expect in a karate lesson?

Nick Polley Shotokan Karate

Stretching and loosening up exercises to enable a fuller range of body movements and to avoid strain etc.

Basic techniques (Kihon) these are explained and demonstrated. The students then practice them as a group usually moving up and down the dojo.

Sparring (Kumite) is the application of basic techniques and for this you pair up with a partner. This part of the training is carefully controlled and both the attack and block to be made are known in advance by the novice karateka. As you progress and become more skilful you will be capable of blocking a fuller range of attacks.

(Kata) is a set of movements in which one imagines that you are fighting against several opponents. It is extremely beneficial in developing body co-ordination and self confidence. As you move through the grades you will learn more advanced kata.

Impact training is one of the key areas of training at Worthing karate club. I feel that impact training using pads, shields and bags is crucial to help the student develop power, distancing and confidence in their techniques. Most classes usually involve some time devoted to developing skill in this area.

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Where to find us

worthing shotokan club

The Worthing club trains every Tuesday night from 6.30 to 8.00 at St John's hall in Ripley Road Worthing. We are a small friendly club with plenty of experience, training is for adults only. The first lesson is free so give us a try.


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If you are interested in learning more please come along and train. The 1st lesson is free.

Address: St Johns Hall, Ripley Road,

Telephone:01903 535855
E-mail: n.polley@ntlworld.com