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Hello I am Nick Polley, I am the instructor for Worthing Karate club. I first started karate in 1985 practicing the Wado Ryu style of karate. After about 6 months I changed styles to Shotokan karate under Sensei Roger Stephens as I felt it better suited me. In 1990 I gained my 1st Dan under SEKU. I was awarded my 2nd Dan in 1994 by Sensei John Van Weenan under TASK. Later I returned to training again under Sensei Stephens with SESKA and was awarded my 3rd Dan in 2009.

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The Worthing karate club

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Worthing karate club started from the Worthing SESKA (South East Shotokan Karate Association) club that was ran by Sensei Roger Stephens for many years. Upon the retirement of Sensei Stephens the existing members got together and founded the current club. We are a small friendly club who like to train hard in an environment that is serious but also fun. Most of the members have practiced karate for many years and have a great attitude in sharing their knowledge with newer members. I am very proud of the club atmosphere and the steady progress of the students as their skills are improving lesson by lesson.
Sensei Nick Polley


The Worthing club trains every Tuesday night from 6.30 to 8.00 at St John's hall in Ripley Road Worthing. We are a small friendly club with plenty of experience, training is for adults only. The first lesson is free so give us a try.


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If you are interested in learning more please come along and train. The 1st lesson is free.

Address: St Johns Hall, Ripley Road,

Telephone:01903 535855