Traditional Shotokan karate in the Worthing area

Welcome to the website for the Worthing karate club.The club instructor Nick Polley 3rd Dan has practiced karate for many years under Sensei Roger Stephens 7th Dan. We have a wealth of experience to offer and a friendly atmosphere enabling you to enjoy your karate and learn safely at your own pace..

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We are affiliated to the Shotokan of England Karate Union, led by Sensei Mick Dewey 8th Dan. SEKU regional gradings take place about every 3 months and there are plenty of courses avaliable throughout the year. For more information visit the SEKU website here


Traditional shotokan

Tina Raven (orange belt)
At 50+, I was overweight, unfit and not sure what I could do to fix the last two. The gym didn't appeal, tried Yoga & Pilates, but not for me either. My husband, a 2nd Dan black belt suggested I try Karate. I was a bit daunted by this, but he has trained for over 35 years and seemed to get something from it, so I went along to the Dojo for a trail lesson. I was hooked. Unlike anything else I have tried, this is a continual learning, improving and trying new things training that stretches you both physically and mentally. It has helped me gain self confidence and realise that you are never too old to try something new.
The club is very friendly and training is undertaken in a serious spirit of Karate, but there is also a fun side to it. As the most junior member of the club, I am supported and helped by the Sensei and all of the members, mostly black belts, to achieve my best. I have never been made to feel incapable when I struggle to learn something new, as club members always remind me that they too have stood where I am standing and that training is a personal journey, to be undertaken at your individual pace.
After 6 months I took my first grading and attained an Orange belt and the grade of 9th Kyu. I was so delighted, the sense of achievement was wonderful and I am now training hard to take my next grading.

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If you are interested in learning more please come along and train. The 1st lesson is free.

Address: St Johns Hall, Ripley Road,

Telephone:01903 535855